How To Contact Me

If the need is absolutely immediate then you may prefer to phone but otherwise I would prefer that you use the form. Media, celebrities or their agents may also phone.
The contact number is 07967529130 (Office hours prefered please)

I do NOT work with anyone who is inconsiderate in terms of contact.

Your name:

(First name is sufficient)

What do you want help with?
(Please try to be specific. It is too vague simply to say 'anxiety' or "insomnia". Instead please give a full and meaningful overview and include any additional information that might be relevant.)

What is the history? Are there any suspected causes?
(Be sure to mention any pattern and suspected causes.)

Work to be undertaken at what location?
(Choice of 3 - See options below.)

(Tim resides in the North East of England. His main office is in Barnard Castle. It takes him considerably longer to visit other locations such as London or Manchester so this is only done on request. Select clients can also request home visits. If a home visit is requested remember to include postcode.)

Your location and Your Occupation

(This information can help Tim to plan and prioritise certain types of sessions.)

Urgency and timescales?
(Please explain when you hope to get the work undertaken and give details of those days when you might be available. Tim's normal working hours are Monday to Friday. )

What is your budget start to finish? *(see note below)

(This question is important because there are often several possible ways to work. Tim will carefully read your request and work out whether there is a method which is likely to provide a solution within the confines of your budget. Setting an overall budget also allows Tim to consider the very best method within the time allowed for by that budget. In order to avoid time-wasters Tim will probably not respond unless an overall budget is suggested. He also ignores multiple enquiries with different budgets because it implies indecision. To answer this question you need to consider the real importance of success to you and also what is a realistic and affordable for you.)

Your email / your mobile phone number:

(Please type carefully and include your country code if outside the UK. Tim will NOT disturb you by phoning. He replies only by text or email. Sometimes emails go astray so it may be best to supply both.)

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Your profession, other circumstances and any other comments.