Media Enquiries
Media enquiries are handled via this link :- media enquiries

Tim will very happily reply to you as long as you genuinely and honestly explain the problem.
To quote a price Tim needs a detailed explanation of what you really want and also an honest explanation of the background. (Tim cannot quote prices for vague requests)
He uses email because email allows you to contact Tim without disturbing other people's sessions. This consideration of other people is important. (Tim does not work with demanding or inconsiderate people.)

Here's What to Include in Your Email

tick 1. Tell Tim exactly what you want to achieve.

tick 2. Include all relevant history. (A few vague sentences is not enough. He needs a genuinely full and clear picture of the problem and its background.)

tick 3. If your work is a factor then explain the type of work you do.

tick 4. Try to include at least some indication as to budget. For some enquiries this can be very important. The reason is that different budgets may allow for different methods, perhaps for more convenient hours or flexibility over times, or for more support if needed or for multiple methods to be used either in sequence or simultaneously or even for very specialist approaches. If you do want the very best outcome then it is advisable to give some idea as to the approximate budget for these reasons. If a large clinic has quoted a price then you may also wish to mention it.
tick 5. Avoid using Hotmail if you can.
(Replies to Hotmail accounts have proven horribly unreliable for some reason. If you do use Hotmail and you do not receive a reply do not be surprised. It does not mean that a reply was not sent. Please use Gmail or almost any other email provider instead as these have so far proven mpore reliable. If you must use Hotmail for email then at least add Tim to your email whitelist. This is a good idea anyway.)

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